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  • A Drawing A Day

    A Drawing A Day

    …Tim King is a designer and illustrator, and he’s 102 days into his 365-day daily sketch project. Executed in a number of colours and with no small dose of humour, wit and a degree of observation which excludes all but the most dedicated of people-watchers, his effort so far has been commendable.

    • Jack Kevorkian Painting

      The Paintings of Jack Kevorkian

      Kevorkian began painting in the 1960s. In a 1992 interview with the Los Angeles Times, he recalled having shown his early work in an exhibition decades earlier entitled “Art Is Bunk,” including a version of “Genocide.” He said he was planning to start painting again after a nearly 30-year hiatus.

      • Lilian Bassman

        Lillian Bassman

        Lillian Bassman became a student at Design Lab under Alexey Brodovitch and then worked with him as an art director at Bazaar and Junior Bazaar. From time to time, Bassman took pictures and published them in Junior Bazaar.

        • Datsun 510

          Datsun Mega Gallery

          A collection of 70 images form Datsun’s past. Great shots of 240’s, 510’s, early Skyline’s, IMSA cars, and many more.

          • Kris Kool 2

            Kris Kool

            French graphic novel Kris Kool by Philip Caza was published in 1970 by Eric Losfeld/Le Terrain Vague. It was Caza’s first graphic novel.

            • aolo Soleri: Visionary Cities

              Paolo Soleri – Visionary Cities

              Paolo Soleri’s radical aesthetic and philosophy for urban man are presented in this unique book, which embodies new graphic concepts to express the innovative insights of this most controversial architect.

              • Japanese Manhole Covers

                Japanese Manhole Covers

                The art of manhole covers has now reached the point of a national obsession in Japan…The city or council will submit ideas and the symbol of choice to the foundry and their in-house designers will then create a design based on these specifications, going back and forth until the design is approved.

                • Peter Fritz Model Houses

                  The 387 Houses of Peter Fritz

                  In 1993, while browsing in a junk shop, artist oliver croy discovered 387 model buildings, each neatly wrapped in its own garbage bag–the architectural creations of austrian insurance clerk peter fritz.