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Leo & Diane Dillon

Nine Hundred Grandmothers

…Fifty years of collaboration, thousands of images, hundreds of books, five decades of marriage—all filled with creative compromises that are, literally, indescribable. They do and they don’t have a style. They do in the sense that I can always recognize their work—always! They don’t in that they bring a new set of compromises to each assignment. The approach, the media, the techniques, the vision—these all change based on the stimuli of the manuscript or the task. Their palette of skills and their unique vision continue to combine in a glorious kaleidoscope of new and vibrant and different styles. They consider these to be the work of the “third artist”, the concept that a greater good comes from the sublimation of the individual ego in service of the art. How they manage this is completely beyond me, but the results are obvious and that’s all I’m going to give you on this page. Results. Lots of images from an award-winning career. For a better view of the art, search out the originals. They’re worth the effort.